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Bio Electromagnetic Therapy

PEMF therapy can contribute to a healthy life.

There are several case studies which show Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy as being effective in treating many different health concerns.

Here at Effusion Solutions we use the BEMER device which is an FDA approved Class II Cleared Medical Device. The purpose behind PEMF therapy is to improve blood circulation to the microvessels by 30%.

What does this mean?

Our circulatory system is made up of large and small blood vessels, however, only 26% of our system is large blood vessels and the other 74% are microvessels which are smaller than a human hair. It’s these microvessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the capillary beds where our body cells are stored.

Unfortunately, as we get older we loose vasomotion in our blood vessels and less blood gets to the cells effectively, therefore, causing cellular starvation and toxin buildup. Decreased blood flow causes cellular waste to build up in the cell which then causes the cell to deteriorate and die. Once cells begin to deteriorate and die an illness or disease is born.

PEMF therapy helps to keep the cells at their optimal level so they can continue to regenerate, repair, and function properly.

A therapy session includes a full body systematic session and target sessions using an 8 minute, 16 minute, or 20 minute program on the problematic area. Sessions typically take up to 30 mins, and require that you drink water before and after each session. Hydration is key in promoting good blood flow and in aiding the kidneys and liver in cellular waste removal.

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Package Price
Single Session $45
8 Session Package $280
16 Session Package $480
24 Session (Family) Package [3 or more] $600
32 Session (Family) Package [3 or more] $640
5-9 person group $25 / Person
10+ person group $20 / person
1-2 pets $15 / pet
3+ pets $10 / pet
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