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Healthcare has always been a major part of my life, my Aunt was a nurse and my Uncle a Corpsman in the Navy, treating men on the battlefield during the Korean & Vietnam wars. My Mother was a CNA and an Advanced EMT. So hearing about medical stuff and spending time around hospitals and nursing homes was just a way of life.

At the age of 18, I started my career in the world of medicine, not as a doctor, but as a pharmacy clerk and then two years later I became a pharmacy technician. In 2007, I acted as pharmacy manager of the first remote telepharmacy in the State of Idaho, as part of a Board of Pharmacy pilot program. Then later on, at the age of 32, I decided I wanted to get my hands dirty and got nationally certified as an EMT.

I worked in pharmaceuticals for twenty years and in the emergency medical services for eight. I was proud of my careers and was happy to be able to expand my love of pharmacy with my newest interest of emergency care. Not only did the two jobs dovetail nicely to provide me with wisdom, but it helped me to give effective patient care.

However, as the years went along, I became increasingly dissatisfied with our new healthcare system and I found myself burned out on the bureaucracy of pharmacy and health services. When I first started, the medical field was strongly founded in the ethics of “do no harm.” Unfortunately, after big Pharma and insurances came into power, this practice took a back seat while our healthcare system focused on big money.

With these changes, and more on the horizon, I made the difficult decision to turn my back on the familiarity of conventional medicine. I left the world of pharmacy and emergency care behind me and searched for a new purpose in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-medical, but I am anti-propaganda. I believe in the true purpose of medicine and provider care, when a prescription was the last resort, when all other alternatives had failed or they weren't enough to get one back on the road to recovery.

Medicine was always meant to help you get over a hurdle, but was never intended to be a crutch or an enabler of bad health habits. Death by prescribed medications has become the 3rd leading cause of death in our nation, which includes treating the symptoms and not the cause. When I discovered that there were new alternatives that could make people feel better and help them overcome their health conditions, I was hooked. Once again, the ethical code of “Do no harm” was back in the driver’s seat and I am proud to be the passenger on this new journey of educating, empowering and helping people get well again.

I have seen and heard the results and testimonies of people, but more importantly, I use these products myself. I have experienced the positive affects of these products in my own health and my family’s. I was a skeptic, but I can tell you with 100% certainty, you will not be disappointed. Just as I no longer promote our healthcare system, I won’t promote anything else I don’t believe in or I feel will do harm.